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Learning essential math skills doesn't have to be boring!

- Mathster Vakkas

Kids will use math in every job and every career.  And, there’s more than one way to solve a math problem!  


21st Century Math Skills, For All Learners

Children need to be exposed to many different ways of solving math problems. They need to see math in a way that makes sense to them, their prior experiences, and through their learning styles.

Geometry Playground (see for yourself)

A Good Teacher Makes All The Difference

While using Mathster's videos and lessons, my fourth grade students were inspired. The videos helped them make real-life connections, and engage in higher-level thinking!

- Miss Elizabeth Spencer, 4th Grade Teacher

Mathster’s students have soared in math from using his video lessons, tutorials, and strategies. They have become so engaged, because the video lessons are fun, entertaining, and most-importantly, build skills and confidence in math.

*Geometry Playground (PDF/Slideshow)

*Students forming Polygons (PDF)

*Facial Features to Which Face. Combinations.Probability (PDF/Slideshow)

A Collection of Resources and Strategies

As a free member, you will have access to engaging video lessons on Common Core math topics, tutorials which show you how to solve problems in many different research-based approaches, practice pages, interactive-video-read alouds, and the ability to Ask Mathster questions and for help at any time.

Some of the things you will Learn

  • Different strategies to solve math problems
  • How to become a better problem solver
  • How to make connections from one math concept to others
  • How math is part of your everyday life

Our Members Love Mathster Vakkas Productions

I love the entire concept, especially since I was not a strong math student because I was only taught the traditional methods -very boring. My son loves your videos and is learning many different ways to solve math problems. He is so confident now! Thank you Mathster!

- Stacy Hoyt

Mathster, my son and I watched every one of your videos and loved them! He looks at math differently now and loves it! Thank you so much, your work is great!

- Mrs. Stephanie Sternberg

I have lots of academic professionals, ranging from Administrators to teachers and aides that find your work amazing. Such a great idea! My students love your math videos and have learned so much. They walk around saying "Be Aware, Math is Everywhere!"

- Mrs. Sue Murphy

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Help your children build an awareness and love of math, while developing their skills.